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  1. What Are Race Headers? Everything You Need to Know

    Basics of Racing Headers The majority of stock exhaust systems do not have the capability of transferring enough exhaust gas when the engine is at high speeds. Some of the things that restrict the flow include catalytic converters, exhaust manifolds, mufflers, and other connecting pipes sending residue from combustion away from the engine. An
  2. Why Mandrel Bends?

    Bent metal tubing is used in a variety of applications, not just the racing industry. But in racing, every detail matters when it comes to crossing the finish line first.

  3. Which Metal for Which Application?

    Mild Steel: Best for high strength where weight is not a factorIron/ carbon alloy Low priced steelExtremely strong yet easily fabricatedCan cut, drill, and weld easilySusceptible to rust, corrosion, and crackingHeavyweight material, highly denseWill shatter or crack in extreme cold, melt or lose mass in high heatRigid, will not flex Stainless
  4. Compressing and Stretching 101

    There are very few, if any, people that bend tubes and nail a perfect bend on the first tube after a new setup. Because it seems that no matter how many times you have set up a machine to run a given tube size, material type, wall thickness, etc., most of the time you find yourself adjusting to get it just right.

  5. So You Want to Get Into Drag Racing, Now What?

    Drag Racing is an exciting branch of car racing. Race cars are designed for extreme speed and drivers are trained to keep the car as straight as possible. The engineering that goes into the top vehicles is the most highly tuned engineering in the business.

  6. What is a Camshaft in a Car and How Does it Work?

    The importance of the camshaft to an engine cannot be overemphasized. Only a camshaft can alter the performance of an engine. Usually, there are specific mathematical rules that are used to calculate the camshaft.

  7. 6 Tips for Building a Racing Exhaust Header

    A race car is a highly tuned, powerful machine. Each part of the race car makes a significant impact on the performance of the car. From the design of the body, to the chassis, to the engine, the tires, and even the spark plugs. Each element of a race car can make or break a winner. That is why when it comes to the exhaust system, you don’t
  8. How to Drag Race - Learn the Essentials of Drag Racing

    Drag Racing 101 Learning the Basics of Drag Racing Nothing can be compared to being a participant in a drag racing event. It is more fun than watching from the crowd. Even though it is not cheap to race at any level, yet, drag racing presents to you a racing class referred to as bracket racing. Here, any car is allowed to compete,

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