Steve Sousley

“Be careful what you wish for, because it may come true.”

The following was taken from a project that Steve did in High School, predicting how his future might look:

September 21, 1983

In ten years from now I plan to own a home in the country. I’d like it to be small and pretty much care free so I have time to do other things rather than mow yard or repair the house.

In ten to twenty years I’d like to own a small business that includes welding, machining, and a good sense of drafting. I’d like it to be a kind of fabricating shop that designs and builds a product that a customer describes but doesn’t know how to build it. I’d like the job to include machine work because I like to work with machinery. I also like the feeling of accomplishment once the job is done and you know it will work..


Needless to say, Steve was pretty good at predicting his future!


Graduated Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Associate’s Degree in Automotive Technology
Certified SAE Master Technician

1991 – 1995

Pit Crew for the RAHMOC #75 Cup Car, welder/fabricator


Founded PRO-FABrication, Inc

Founded PRO-FABrication, Inc.  Currently, Steve DOES have a modest house in the country… but, mows his own yard and does his own home repairs!